Starting the Journey

You Got It!!! You got the job, and now you’re on staff, in the ministry, doing awesome stuff that truly will make a difference in the lives of people!  There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a new ministry position!  You’ve endured the process of countless questions and curious stares during the interview process.  The overwhelming sea of faces all have names that are foreign to you, and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to put them all together.

So here you sit, soaking it all in. Having been called into this new place of service, you anxiously perch behind a third-hand metal desk in an office not much larger than most closets (and you silently ponder what the significance is that most of the shelves behind your desk are filled with custodial supplies).  You have scores of books to be unpacked, business cards to order, four teachers slots to fill by this Sunday, and a “to do” list long enough to lock up the hard drive on your hand-me-down computer.

So what do you do first?  What do you do next?  Where do you begin, and how do you get there?  Serving a church or non-profit is no different than any other job… You want to succeed, you want your boss (or bosses) to be pleased with your performance, but most of all you want to make a real difference in the world around.  So where do you go from here?

Since you’re reading this, it’s pretty likely you are on staff (or soon to be on staff) in a local church or working in a non-profit organization somewhere. Although many of the principles outlined in this book can be applied to working for various non-profit agencies, it is targeted primarily towards those working in the local church.  It’s also pretty safe to assume that most of the people reading this book have spent a significant amount of time in church where he or she WAS NOT a member of the pastoral staff.

Be very clear on this… there is a difference- a BIG difference– between attending church, and working at one.  There are budgets to consider, cranky volunteers and deacons/elders to be dealt with, classes to be taught, and so much more.   It’s my prayer that this book might serve as a helpful road map along the road of ministry that you’re traveling.  This book, nor a hundred like it could promise to have all of the answers.  It simply makes the effort to ease your journey by helping you recognize, prepare for or avoid all together some of the pitfalls many who have gone before you have encountered.