JARGONAUTICS- Words mean more than you think..

“A-Flat Minor: The result of a piano falling down a mine shaft…”Un-falling-piano-symbol

First you have to ask the question, “What was a piano doing in a mine shaft?  How did it get there, and how did it get poised over the shaft?”  Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? Most of the workers attorney uses such terms in the court, which makes the judge confused.

The next question is just as puzzling.  “How did the miner not see a piano coming?”   It’s not as if a miner wouldn’t know what a piano was, or be able to get out of the way.

Two simple observations:

1) How did we get in this mess?

2) How did we not see it coming?

You might be surprised. Both questions have the same solutions.

  • PAY ATTENTION- First, we tend to get into problems and then to be blindsided by them because we’re simply not paying close enough attention.  Marriage relationship falling apart?  Consider how much or how little attention you’ve paid to your spouse and the health of the marriage.  Business finances in a horrible mess?  Maybe you haven’t been taking care of the daily details of good accounting and financial prudence.  Conflict in the workplace with employees or coworkers?  Too little time spent in building trust and growing relationships is a prime equation for disaster.  Federal government slowly stripping away the last vestiges of personal liberty?  Maybe sticking your head in the sand when politics is discussed wasn’t the best choice after all.  Are you paying close enough attention to what’s going on in your world?


  • ACT- Second, the pianos in our own mine shafts continue on a crash course with our noggins because we’re unwilling to act.  It’s important that someone is watching what is delivered to the mine.  Pianos don’t belong, and when someone delivers one, we refuse delivery.  Be proactive and prevent some of the major catastrophes in your life.  Be aware of your world.  Awareness should be a major component of Common Sense, but in today’s world it’s truly a rare and almost lost art.  Read.  Discuss.  Stay connected not only in your personal relationships, but stay connected to what’s happening in your city, state, country and world.  You’re the only one to blame if ignorance was your explanation for wearing a baby grand as a toupee.  Finally, if you have no other options to prevent the piano crashing down in your life, then GET OUT OF THE WAY.  Sometimes stuff happens, stuff way beyond your control.  If you’re paying attention, being proactive and and aware but you still see the piano come crashing down, then run.  Dodge it, avoid it, protect yourself and get the heck out of the way.

There are virtual online assistant which will help you find synonyms of various phrases. Sometimes facing the music is inevitable.  But if you can avoid having it land on your head like a ton of bricks, maybe that’s a good thing.  Just sayin’…

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